Creating the Soundtracks for Life

It’s Gone To My Head

Yeah, I didn’t want to do it. Sometimes, though, things happen so naturally that it’s foolish to ignore it. So it is with ZanYe, SoundThought Recordings’ newest artist.

ZanYe came to me and very candidly stated, “You will produce my next album and I will be signed to your label. I’m willing to wait.” I nodded, totally respecting her forthrightness, but concerned about our compatibility. I expressed my apprehension and eventually we agreed to produce a song together, just to test the waters.

It was during the production of her latest single, Jean Carne’s “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” that I understood just how much of an asset ZanYe would be to STR. ZanYé, pronounced: ZAHN-yay, is an up and coming talent who’s not afraid to show her most eclectic side. Combining jazz, soul, gospel and R&B, she strives to deliver a really expressive and colorful sound. Influenced by legends such as Billie Holiday and Stevie Wonder, ZanYé possesses an intimate connection and personal approach to her music, often sharing her painful past, struggling with drug addicted parents, through her songs.

There is, no doubt, great music on the horizon. I’m pleased by what we have, so far, produced and the results have, well, kinda gone to my head.


Notable Mentions

  • The single “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” will be available digitally this Sunday, April 14 at leading digital retailers. Check back for links. Physical copies will be available here the following weekend and on her website,
  • If you’d like to see ZanYe up close and personal why don’t you check her out on Sunday, April 21 | 6pm at the Jazz Cafe, Detroit. Advance tickets are available here.