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Drive by Inohs Sivad

“Drive,” Inohs Sivad’s debut single from her fourth release, FOURWARD, features Inohs in a 1970 Ford Pickup Truck while driving around Metro Detroit. Learn more about Inohs by visiting

Directed by: Inohs Sivad and LaVell Williams
Videography and Editing: Inohs Sivad
Crew: Geoff Baker and Norvell Molex, Jr
Truck courtesy of Marcelis Vance

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Drive_on_FourwardFOURWARD, Inohs Sivad’s fourth full-length album steps back into the past to bring clarity to the future, with a sound that’s simultaneously edgy and smooth. Through guitar-driven grooves, passionate lyrics, and hypnotic harmonies, this 11-track album is a bold take on her soul alternative fusion of rock, soul and funk.
Format: Digital and Digipak

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