Creating the Soundtracks for Life


Welcome to SoundThought Recordings

There’s an art to making music with that certain “something” in the sound. That unnamed quality that makes you feel like a song was written just for you. That’s what SoundThought Recordings is dedicated to producing: music that’s soulful, and a sound that’s rare, because when it comes to music, it really is personal.

Music lovers deserve to not only have music that compliments their mood. They deserve music that is the backdrop of their life.

SoundThought Recordings creates the soundtracks for life.

Who We Are

SoundThought Recordings (STR), founded in 2004 by producer, singer/songwriter Inohs Sivad, is an indie label based in Detroit, Michigan. STR was created, initially, to support Inohs’ efforts as an artist. Yet, as others recognized the care, attention and sound quality of Inohs’ projects, the label began gaining speed after the 2007 release of her sophomore CD “Changes.”

Now with a growing artist roster and demands from the U.K. and Japan, SoundThought Recordings boasts of artists that are musicians, singers, songwriters, spoken word weavers, and producers who are independent thinkers who want more than just to express themselves. They want a partner in music with pure talent, a high level of professionalism (not forsaking a good time in the studio), and technically excellent recordings. SoundThought offers all that, plus… a safe haven for their creativity.

Our Mission

Realizing that every artist is different and every project has its own voice, STR’s goal it to meet each artist where they are, nurture their talent, and turn out a complete artist with magnificent product. Listeners of a SoundThought Recordings artist are those who are into listening to rare, uniquely wonderful pieces of work. Musical art, so to speak.